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San Diego Chargers Defeat Oakland Raiders, 38-26

Well, that was annoying. I was rooting for a Chargers loss and a Chiefs win so that the Bolts would have the easiest schedule in the AFC West next season, not to mention the highest first-round draft pick. Also, had the Raiders won a playoff game, their stupid Carson Palmer trade would've been made even stupider as they would've owed the Bengals yet another first-round draft pick.

So what happens? The Chargers win and the Chiefs win, ensuring that the Chiefs get the easiest schedule and the highest pick amongst AFC West teams in the upcoming NFL draft, and the Raiders miss the playoffs altogether. What the hell was the point of anything?

All that game did was prove to me that the Chargers are a really good team sometimes, but it's almost guaranteed that those times are when the games are absolutely meaningless or at least when San Diego has the chance to ruin their chances still.

Just like the great game against the Ravens, the Chargers once again went the entire game without a single punt from Mike Scifres. Outside of Philip Rivers' early interception (which pinned the Raiders back on their own 5), the San Diego offense could not be stopped....and that was without the team-voted Offensive Player of the Year.

The defense played well because they didn't really need to stop the Raiders as much as they needed to hold them to FGs (trading FGs for TDs). Antoine Cason chipped in with an interception.

I'm disgusted by everything. The 2011 Chargers. The Chargers under Norv. The way the Chargers played in weeks immediately before and after the Lions game. It's making me question everything. Is firing Norv even the right move? Maybe firing Greg Manusky and the training staff would be a bigger step in the right direction.

This was the breakup sex with Norv that I warned everyone about. The Chargers just took a team that had more to play for and typically pushes San Diego around, and they pushed them around and embarrassed their defense. What are we supposed to make of that?!? The players played for Norv when there was no reason to! That's probably a good sign, right?

I think I need a break from football for a few days. I hope they don't fire Norv until Thursday.

Final - 1.1.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
San Diego Chargers 7 17 7 7 38
Oakland Raiders 7 6 6 7 26

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