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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders, 2nd Half

Oh, what could've been had this San Diego Chargers team just showed up in Detroit last week.

In Norv Turner's final game as head Coach, the Bolts have turned back into an incredible offense that simply cannot be stopped (zero punts for Mike Scifres in the first half) unless they stop themselves (Philip Rivers threw one interception).

The running game, without Ryan Mathews, hasn't been particularly good. Actually, the Chargers defense hasn't been particularly good. They haven't done a great job of stopped the run or the pass, but they're scoring every time they touch the ball (including once on a Richard Goodman KO return TD) and winning because the Oakland Raiders cannot keep up with that pace.

The score is 24-13 at the half, the Chargers with the 11-point advantage. Elsewhere in the AFC West, Kyle Orton and the Chiefs hold a 7 point lead over the Broncos in Denver. I think if the Chargers and Chiefs win, the Broncos still go to the playoffs at 8-8 as the division winner. This, of course, means that the AFC West has taken over from the NFC West the crown of "Most Pathetic Division".