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2012 NFL Power Rankings Consensus

Power Rankings Consensus: How far has SD climbed?

How impressive was the Chargers win over the Jets on Sunday? More impressive than you might think.

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers aren't so great

Chargers are holding steady in the bottom-quarter of the league. Meanwhile the Redskins are surging.

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers climbing again

The Chargers pulled something off they never have before: they won in Pittsburgh in the regular season. Were the Power Rankings kind to the Chargers this week due to that accomplishment?

Power Rankings Consensus: Parity has Returned

After a 3-week break, the Power Ranking Consensus is back!

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers rising?

The Chargers actually rose in some rankings this week? How is that possible?

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers Movin' on Up

The Chargers are on the move, and it's in an upward direction!

Power Rankings Consensus: Chiefs are the Worst

The Chargers lost to the Browns on Sunday. Naturally that means they're now the worst team in the NFL, right? Wrong!

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers fall slightly

Were the rankings kind to the Chargers during their bye week? Were they unusually harsh? Let's find out!

NFL Power Rankings: Not all bad news for Chargers

With the Texans finally losing a game, they've conceded the top spot to the Atlanta Falcons. But do the Falcons really belong at the top? My sources say "no."

Power Rankings Consensus: Battle for the AFC West

The Chargers and Broncos are duking it out for AFC West supremacy in this week's look at Power Rankings from around the web.

2012 NFL Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers Rising

There's a new consensus number one team in the NFL this week, and it's not the Falcons or Ravens, and Minnesota continues their ascent in this week's rankings.

2012 NFL Power Rankings Consensus: Falcons Soar

It's always fun to see how much each team moves in the rankings week-in and week-out. How much did the Chargers fall after their loss to the Falcons? How much higher did the Falcons climb? Those questions are answered and more in this week's Power Ra

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2012 NFL Consensus Power Rankings

In this weekly column, we take a look at how all 32 teams in the NFL compare to each other using Power Rankings from all over the web.