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San Diego Chargers Sign P Mike Scifres to Five-Year Extension

Mike Scifres, the San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl-caliber Punter that has never actually been to a Pro Bowl, has decided that he does not care to be a free agent after the 2011 NFL season. A.J. Smith coincidentally decided around the same time that he didn't want to go searching for a new Pro Bowl-caliber Punter. That's how the Chargers ended up with Mike Scifres as their Punter for another six seasons, at least (including 2011).

According to ProFootballTalk, the five-year extension is worth $19 million if Mike hits all the incentives and $8 million guaranteed. Despite having four punts blocked last season, Mike finished the year with the highest yards per punt of his career.

Funny enough, Mike has been one of the lesser-used punters over the last three seasons in San Diego. That being said, this signing shows that the Chargers now know the value of having high quality special teams players, even if they are rarely used.