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Who is BFTB's Boldest Fan?

Since nobody nominated a BFTBer as the representative as our "Boldest Fan", I've again had to choose one on my own. It's a lot of pressure, but since you don't care about the nominees I take it you also don't care who the winner is.

The winner, who has no idea that he's won and may never actually see this unless someone sends it to him, is Buck Melanoma. For those unfamiliar with Buck, here's a quick run-down of the most notable reasons that he won this competition:

  • He somehow manages to make the argument that the Chargers need more Lorenzo Neal-like "hard nosed", "lunch pail type" players without sounding stupid. This is an amazing feat. He's convinced me once or twice.
  • He is married to a Kansas City Chiefs fan that he is slowly, but surely, turning into a San Diego Chargers fan. What have you done to grow the fanbase?
  • He has been a fan for 19 seasons and does not live in San Diego. He lives somewhere a little outside of Richmond, VA (if memory serves) and was a San Diego Chargers fan before, during and after the Mike Riley/Ryan Leaf era. That's some dedication right there.
  • He travels to at least one Chargers game per year and, I believe, it's usually a road game. During said trip, he is typically one of the loudest Chargers fans in the stadium.
  • The last time the Chargers played the Dolphins, Buck posted this.