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San Diego Chargers Release Ajirotutu, Nwagbuo

The San Diego Chargers have begun letting players know that they're being released. They need to cut 27 players in all by 3pm today to get down to the 53-man roster limit. Here's who we know has been released thusfar (source):

  • Seyi Ajirotutu
  • Laurent Robinson
  • Kelley Washington
  • Ogemdi Nwagbuo
  • Quinton Teal
  • Ramon Broadway
  • Ricky Schmitt
  • Isaac Odim
  • Kevin Bentley
I'll do my best to keep you guys updated as soon as more names come out. Obviously the biggest names on this list are Ajirotutu, who had a very good game against the 49ers on Thursday, and Nwagbuo.
The release of Seyi and Robinson, who had an even better game on Thursday, along with Washington seems to spell out that Richard Goodman and Bryan Walters are the WRs that made the cut after being on the bubble.

The release of Bentley leads me to believe that Stephen Cooper has won that battle, which makes sense because he looked strong against San Francisco.