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Open Thread: High Boltage Radio 9/3

High Boltage Radio is back on the air! This week will be our final 1-hour show (11am-Noon) before going to 2 hours next Saturday (10am-Noon).

As usual, you can listen on 1360AM on your radio dial if you're in San Diego, stream it online here or listen with the iHeartRadio app on your smartphone of choice. Also, because I like to make things as easy as possible for you, you can just click play on the XTRA Sports 1360AM widget right here:

We're taking your calls, tweets and comments as always. How to contact us:

Call: 570-1360 (any local area code works)

Comment: Leave your comment below. I usually come by the thread during commercial breaks and will grab anything fun, funny or useful.

Tweet: Reach out to me (@BFTB_Chargers) or Steve (@SDHighBoltage) with a mention. Those pop up right in front of us when we're on-air, so this might actually be the fastest way.

This week's show topics are after the jump.

Topics for this week's show include:

  • Reviewing the 49ers game. Who had great games when they needed it, and who flubbed the opportunity?
  • Which 27 guys will get cut today? Who will be the surprise Chargers cuts?
  • Previewing the AFC West, with standings and records for each team.
  • The "What If" Game, where we try and figure out how it would effect the team IF....someone got hurt, someone stayed healthy, etc. etc.
If you like the High Boltage Radio show, please call in. I really don't mind if we spend the entire show on the phones instead of covering the topics above.

We want to show the people at XTRA just how large and in charge the BFTB audience really is. Let's fill the phone lines, tweet like madmen and comment like crazy. Let's show them that 2 hours is nice, but still not enough. The best part about BFTB is the commenters, and I want the best part of HBR to be the callers. So get your dialing wands ready, we'll be on at 11!