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Chargers Interviews: Randy McMichael 9/26

With Antonio Gates out for an undetermined amount of time, Randy McMichael steps to the forefront at the tight end position in the San Diego Chargers offense.  Ben Higgins of "The World of Sports" caught up with Randy and this is what he had to say.

(Download/Listen to the entire interview here)

Is their such a thing as an ugly win?

"Not in this league.  I don't think that there is any league that's gonna say it's an ugly win.  I think the ultimate goal of any sport is to win." 

Should you have gotten out to a bigger league in the first half?

"Oh definitely, we know we could have done a lot of things better, to certainly help our defense out. We put our defense in some bad spots there, but they did a good job of holding them.  We're not where we want to be right now.  We're still growing and getting the timing down with everyone, we still have a lot of work to do."  

Would you say the offense is a little out of sync?

"I definitely think so, and that just goes to show the fact you that we got here as soon as the lockout was ending, right into training camp.  So, we really didn't get a chance to gel like we wanted to and needed to.  It's still a work in process, I think that's for every team in the NFL right now.  I don't think nobody is right where they want to be at all of the sudden and that's the great thing about it.  You win the game and yet, you still know that there is room for you to improve."

Randy also talks about...

How you know the offense is in sync when on the field.

If it is easier for him to get into a rhythm with Antonio Gates out.

Are the Chiefs that much worse than 2010?

What's going on with Philip Rivers?

Where is Ryan Mathews game at right now?

Facing his former team the Miami Dolphins.