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Serious Business: 9/28 San Diego Chargers Links

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Week 3 Quick Reads - Vince Verhei
Mathews' 44 DYAR on the ground made him the second-most valuable runner on Sunday. (Oakland's Darren McFadden was first -- he does not appear on this list because he had negative DYAR as a receiver.) 20 of his 21 carries gained positive yardage. He did his best work in the red zone, beating the baseline performance in each of his four carries, and his 2- and 4-yard touchdowns (each on second-and-goal) were his most valuable runs of the day. In terms of yardage, his biggest plays came as a receiver, including catches for 18 and 24 yards.

AFC West Stock Watch - Bill Williamson
Even though he is a chance-taking gunslinger, Rivers has never had major interception problems. Now he does. Rivers has thrown two interceptions in each game this season. That is the first time he’s thrown two interceptions in three straight games in his career.

Poll: Has RB Ryan Mathews arrived? - Bill Williamson
We’ve watched Oakland running back Darren McFadden overcome a slow start to his career to become one of the NFL’s best running backs. Perhaps San Diego’s Ryan Mathews is on the same track.

Young players step up - Christopher Smith
Injuries on defense tested San Diego’s depth Sunday, and several inexperienced Chargers made the most of their opportunities.

Mathews nominated for FedEx award - Christopher Smith
Chargers running back Ryan Mathews is one of three players competing to win the FedEx Ground Player of the Week award, which is determined by a fan vote, for his performance against the Chiefs.

Blackout looming for Chargers - Kevin Acee
It would appear impossible that Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins will not suffer a local television blackout.