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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

Ummm, so somebody spent most of this week pointing out that Philip Rivers has been turning the ball over quite a bit. that person also stated that if those turnovers continued, the San Diego Chargers could lose to any NFL team...even the lowly Kansas City Chiefs.

I don't want to say I was wrong, but the Chiefs offense doesn't look capable of beating anyone. That being said, the Bolts tried really hard to give the Chiefs a lead. Lady luck decided to foil their plan, having fumbles by Patrick Crayton and Philip Rivers bounce back into the hands of Chargers players. So, for now, the only two Chargers turnovers have been Philip Rivers interceptions.

Rivers actually had a pretty poor half, holding onto the ball and making some inaccurate throws. I think this is what happens when you take Antonio Gates out of the game. Luckily for Bolts fans, Ryan Mathews is continuing his streak of awesomeness and living up to his potential. He has 94 total yards and the only TD of the game.

Look for the Chargers to make adjustments in the second half and for Rivers to play better. However, this team did nothing to dispel the notion that they're terrible in the first half of games, nor the idea that they turn the ball over way more often than they create turnovers on defense. Maybe next week.

GO CHARGERS, protect that 10-0 half time lead.

See you guys after the game.