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Open Thread: KC Chiefs at SD Chargers, 1st Half

Here's your weekly AFC West breakdown from j-man:

San Diego Chargers (1-1)

Not a great team for the first 3 quarters of each game, it seems, but they step up in the 4th quarter to win the close ones. The Patriots look unstoppable, but if the Chargers had scored a TD instead of a FG they would've won in New England.

Next 2 weeks: Chiefs, Dolphins

The Bolts should be 3-1 going to Denver.

Oakland Raiders (1-1)

Oakland ran the Broncos into the ground, but almost blew that game "The Raider Way". Those same mental mistakes (mixed with some bad DB play) lost them a game to the Bills that they should have won.

Next 2 weeks: Jets, Patriots

Those are tough matchups. The Raiders could be 2-2 after 4 games, but 1-3 is more likely.

You can find j-man's breakdown of the Chiefs and Broncos after the jump.

Denver Broncos (1-1)

The Broncos are only two or three plays away from being 2-0, but also probably two or three plays away from being 0-2. Both games they've played have been that close.

The Raiders ran us to death, but Kyle Orton pulled a Charlie Brown and dropped the ball. I can go on and on and how neither Orton nor Tim Tebow are the answer in Denver, but the Broncos are weak on both lines as well.

Against the Bengals, Broncos fans finally saw the John Fox we were told about. His offensive playcalling seemed to have just two plays: RUN and PUNT. I guess all you need is a few huge plays (thanks, Eric Decker) and that philosophy can win you games.

Next 2 weeks: @Titans, @Packers

I'm thinking the Broncos could win today and be 2-2 after 4 games, but 1-3 is certainly possible.

Kansas City Chiefs (0-2)

You would think that I would be enjoying the Chiefs' struggles this season, but I'm not. Here's why: Andrew Luck. If he ends up on the Chiefs next year, giving Todd Haley and Scott Pioli the Tom Brady clone they're searching for, watch out.

In Week 1 against the Bills, the Chiefs' offense was too conservative and their defense couldn't cover a dead guy. Oh, and Todd Haley thinks he is Bill Parcells. Todd, I hate to break this to you, but you're still living off the success Kurt Warner had in Arizona.

In Week 2 in Detroit, the Chiefs made the Lions look great. The Lions are good, but not great. Kansas City can not pass on offense or stop the pass on defense, and it appears they are starting to tune out their Head Coach.

Next 2 weeks: @Chargers, Vikings

I can't reasonable expect anything better than 0-4 from KC after 4 games.

Enjoy the game, everyone! I'll be back at halftime with my thoughts and a new thread.