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Blackout Lifted for KC Chiefs at SD Chargers Game

Don't ask me how the San Diego Chargers managed to sell 3,900 tickets in 24 hours after selling just 700 in the previous 3 days, but I get the feeling the team and some local corporations are about to start raining tickets upon the local police and firemen.

I had been scheming to come up with a way in which I could maybe watch this game in San Diego, but none of the options were very tempting. Now all I have to do is find a television or a bar and have them change that channel to CBS come 1pm on Sunday.

An impressive win against the Chiefs, and some renewed enthusiasm from the fanbase, could go a long way towards avoiding the season's first local TV blackout again next week when the Miami Dolphins come to town.

I'm trying to remember how many blackouts there were last year, but the only ones I can recall are the Jaguars and Cardinals game. Maybe the season finale against the Broncos? It doesn't matter, let's aim for zero blackouts this year!