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Serious Business: 9/22 San Diego Chargers Links


The Chargers are "excited" even after a loss - Gregg Rosenthal
That would leave a lot of teams furious, fuming that they missed so many opportunities.  The Chargers took a more positive angle; Philip Rivers said the team was "excited" on the plane ride home.

After 2 games, Chargers have 6 turnovers and only 1 takeaway - The Washington Post
Losing to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is one thing. Doing it the way the San Diego Chargers did is another.

Key players miss practice in San Diego - Bill Williamson
However, the San Diego Union Tribune reports that all but Floyd will likely play against the Chiefs. Floyd’s status will become more clear later in the week. Floyd, who battled injuries four much of last season, left early during the loss at New England Sunday.

Bolts LB Mouton goes on IR; Oliver signed - Yahoo! Sports
Mouton, a second-round draft pick from Michigan, was hurt in the exhibition finale and was inactive the past two weeks. To take his roster spot, the Chargers signed safety Paul Oliver(notes) to a one-year contract. Oliver was with the Chargers from 2007 through last season before leaving as an unrestricted free agent. He signed with the New Orleans Saints before being released following training camp.

Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 2 - MJD
Mike Tolbert did a lot of really good things on Sunday, but there was one play I can't get past. In the fourth quarter, down seven and driving against a New England defense that hadn't forced a punt in three-plus quarters of game play, Tolbert stopped at the line of scrimmage, and then, well, things got weird. It's odd that this needs to be said, but at this level, you aren't supposed to run backwards and then fumble. It was one more example of how the Chargers couldn't stop groin-punching themselves all day long. 

AFC West mailbag - Bill Williamson
I wouldn’t say Rivers has not been sharp. But I do agree, he has missed some throws he usually makes. I don’t what the reason is. He worked out with many of his teammates during the lockout and he had a good training camp. I don’t think it is a problem, but Rivers’ may be just a shade off early in the season.