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Serious Business: 9/2 San Diego Chargers Links

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NFL continues trend of high playoff turnover - Mike Florio
In every year since 1996, at least five of the teams that made the playoffs the prior year ended up on the outside looking in.

Chargers' intelligence report - Bill Williamson
The pass rush is on: KC Joyner, the Football Scientist, expects the Chargers to bring the heat this year. The Chargers had a very respectable 47 sacks last season. They have a chance for a lot more this season. Joyner said the Chargers' 2011 opponents allowed a combined 592 sacks last season

Chargers D isn't up to same speed as offense yet - Jay Paris
Predictably this scrimmage quickly dovetailed into a pickup game, won by the 49ers, 20-17. But while the first-team defense was present, there wasn't much there.

Youngsters get face time in preseason finale - Scott Bair
"I like getting Ryan going," Turner said. "It was good to see him break the long run. I thought he hit some good runs up in there, too."

The Chargers' 53: A best guess - Kevin Acee
This has been the most difficult cut down in my seven years on the beat. So while this is based on five weeks of observations and numerous conversations with people in the organization, it is in some cases no more than educated guesswork.

Chargers drop preseason finale - Kevin Acee
It was an exhibition game for which preparation at Chargers Park was limited largely to making sure young players were ready to have their best game in what was possibly their last game.

Bolts From The Blue Caption Contest: Clever Title Still In Progress
Seriously, if you haven't already participated in the contest get over there and do so.