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Early 2011 Approval Rating: Norv Turner

As a way of trying to gauge the in-season fan reactions I'm re-posting this poll. Nothing has really changed since the end of last season except for a couple of games that either reinforced your opinions or perhaps tipped you off a fence. So, let me first reiterate some of Norv Turner's Charger history and stats then let you vote.

Norv Turner was hired as head coach of the Chargers in 2007. He inherited a team that went 14-2 the year before, but was knocked out of the playoffs after only 1 game. As the Chargers head coach he's had the following records:

Year Record Result
2007 11-5 Went 2-1 in playoffs. Lost to Patriots in AFC Championship Game.
2008 8-8 Went 1-1 in playoffs. Lost to Steelers in Divisional round.
2009 13-3 Went 0-1 in playoffs. Lost to Jets in Divisional round.
2010 9-7 Missed Playoffs
2011 1-1 In Progress

The following can also be noted during his tenure:

  • Came in with a reputation for a developing quarterbacks and has overseen the growth of Philip Rivers.
  • The running game has gone from one of the best in the league to a league average (and sometime bottom of the league) unit.
  • Defenses have been inconsistent.
  • Coached the team to the second winningest season in Chargers history.
  • Oversaw a team that had one of the worst special teams units in the history of football.
  • Has as many wins in the playoffs as the previous 7 Chargers Head Coaches combined.
  • Offense has been in the top 5 in points scored every year.
  • Defense has been in the top 15 in points allowed every year.
  • Offense has been top 15 in DVOA every year with top 4 finishes each of the last 3.
  • Has never coached the Chargers to a losing season.