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Fan Response During the Chargers Game in New England

Fans will always have a hard time dealing with a loss. I find it quite entertaining watching people on twitter and facebook react as the game goes along. After talking with a friend of mine, we agreed that the San Diego Chargers needed a new twitter hashtag... #SDChargers. I made a concious effort to encourage people to use #SDChargers and I monitored it during the game. Not too long into the game this popped up...

From that point we were off and running. I scanned tweets that came directly to me (@SDHighBoltage) and any tweets that had #SDChargers in them. I wanted to share some of the fan reaction via twitter.

According to the number of RTs, my best tweet of the day was...

Tolbert ran backwards like scared kid playing pee-wee league. Then fumbles. #facepalm
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I don't claim to be funny, but people seemed to think this was retweet worthy. Let's look at some tweets from the fans today.

"@SDHighBoltage: end of the first quarter... your thoughts? #SDChargers" Defense needs a shot in the ass!
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After the first quarter most people seemed to be upset about the defense and the lack of pass rush.

I think a lot of us were surprised when Rivers threw his first interception...

@SDHighBoltage when DE wilford has an INT . It's not going good
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In response to the Chargers first half...

@SDHighBoltage M80 injured...secondary can't stop anyone...yep just another Chargers season.
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Hold the phone, the Chargers are coming back...

Thank Youuu!!! Finally we get a TD for a red zone trip! Lets go #defense get pumped! #SDChargers
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After that the wheels flew off. It's amazing how some people are so pleasant one moment and so dramatic the next.

@realphilhendrie Norv will win just enough to secure his job for next year, keep #SDChargers mediocre.
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and its not like Weddle can help in run support #soft#sdchargers
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But wait... all hope is not lost.

Vincent Jackson is a boss. U see these catches he's making. #SDChargers
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Wait... maybe it is

Appropriate ending. I hate football. #SDChargers
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That about sums it up. If you missed the game recap on BFTB I've got a tweet for that too!

San Diego Chargers Lose to New England Patriots 35-21
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