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OT: San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots, 2nd Half

So, here we go again. The first-half San Diego Chargers continue their streak of being one of the worst teams in the entire league.

Philip Rivers was awful, as was his pass that was intercepted by Vince Wilfork. Malcom Floyd made two good catches and predictably got hurt. Richard Goodman showed off his fantastic speed and buttery hands.

The Chargers are down by 13 to the Patriots at the half for three main reasons. They've been completely outcoached on both sides of the ball. They've made a fair amount of mental mistakes. They handed the Patriots 20 yards and FG range (which was converted for 3 points) after the turnover because...l don't know, maybe Norv fell asleep. Maybe he didn't realize getting 20 yards in 8 seconds is possible. Now he knows.

The second half will be different. It always is. It probably won't be enough, because the Chargers aren't playing the Vikings this week. The 2011 Chargers are the 2010 Chargers. End of story.

See you after the game.