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Week Two NFL Pick'em Contest

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Getty Images

The NFL week 2 schedules is now upon us and if you are like me, you are still pinching yourself.  As expected week one was a little crazy.  After an opening night shootout that most of us in San Diego were not able to see, the Packers were able to take down the Saints.  The Bears and Ravens were very impressive in their victories and we saw upsets from the Bengals, the Bills, and the Lions

Week two provides us with some interesting matchups, starting with the Chargers traveling to New England.  I have no idea why this game is not getting more national attention.  Actually, I do know.  It seems as though spending time talking about tweets is more important than talking about football.  ESPN = TMZ of sports.   

Must see games of the week:

Bears at Saints - Cutler on the road is always an adventure.

Eagles at Falcons - Will Matt Ryan feel as though he has something to prove with Michael Vick coming to town?

Home of High Boltage Radio. XTRA Sports 1360 is hosting a season long pick'em contest.  Make sure you jump in for your chance to win some great prizes.  Congrats to Phillip Hayes for winning week one.  Below are my picks for this week. 

(My selections are in bold)


Kansas City at Detroit    
Oakland at Buffalo    
Tampa Bay at Minnesota    
Chicago at New Orleans    
Baltimore at Tennessee    
Cleveland at Indianapolis    
Jacksonville at NY Jets    
Seattle at Pittsburgh    
Arizona at Washington    
Green Bay at Carolina    
Dallas at San Francisco    
San Diego at New England    
Houston at Miami    
Cincinnati at Denver    
Philadelphia at Atlanta        
St. Louis at NY Giants