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Fantasy Forecast: San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots

The San Diego Chargers will roll into New England this weekend in a battle of Super Bowl hopefuls. The Chargers beating the Vikings with stout defense and the golden arm of Philip Rivers. The Patriots having their way with the woeful Dolphins. This game is an early benchmark for both teams, but this story isn't about real football, it's about fake football. Here is a little fantasy football preview of this Sunday's shootout.


Philip Rivers

The only thing holding Philip Rivers back is Norv Turner's desire to establish the run game. The Patriots are not going to wait around for the Chargers to get things going, they will play with their foot on the gas the entire game. Expect Rivers to play catch up all day long, bad news for Chargers fans, great news for fantasy owners. Prediction: 415 yards and three touchdowns.

Tom Brady

Tom terrific will not have the luxury of facing the Dolphins this week, but he will still have his way. In an effort to give the Pats defense a breather during this shootout, expect the Pats to run the ball more than they did vs. the Dolphins. Prediction: 285 yards and two touchdowns

Running Backs

Ryan Mathews

This is a great opportunity for RM24 to endear himself to Chargers fans. Will it happen? Maybe. That just depends on how many yards Mathews needs to impress you...y'know. Prediction: 80 total yards and a TD

Mike Tolbert

This is the best time to trade Tolbert, although if you are reading this post, chances are that you love the Chargers and took Tolbert because you are a homer. My point: you are not going to trade him. Prediction: 60 total yards and a TD

Benjarvus Green-Ellis

The Law Firm only had three games last season with single digit carries. Last season BGE had 11 carries for 24 yards, but he did get into the end zone. Prediction: 70 yards and a touchdown

Danny Woodhead

Woodhead is a pest and from a fantasy perspective he's a giant tease, which also describes the Patriots offense from a fantasy perspective. Prediction: 65 total yards

Wide Receivers

Vincent Jackson

Action Jackson will be in full effect on Sunday. Norv will not hesitate to throw the ball deep and be aggressive in the passing game. Prediction: eight catches, 125 yards, and two touchdowns.

Malcom Floyd

Floyd had plenty of looks last week and was not able to take advantage. His numbers should improve and he's always a threat for the deep ball. Prediction: four catches for 65 yards.

Wes Welker

The PPR king will continue to get looks. Welker and Brady are the only consistent fantasy plays on the Patriots. Expect a blue collar game from the Bryan Walters of the Pats. Prediction 11 catches, 85 yards, and a touchdown.

Deion Branch

Branch will continue to get looks until Ocho Cinco gets up to speed. Prediction: six catches, 75 yards.

Chad Ocho Cinco

It's really a shame that this game has been over shadowed by some twitter nonsense, but it appears, the four letter network would rather be TMZ, than an actual sports network. smh Prediction: three catches, 35 yards.

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates

Gates is going to have a field day with the Patriots. Will it be enough for get a W? In fake football... yes! Prediction: eight receptions, 125 yards, and a touchdown.

Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez

It is very rare that both TE's on a team can put up fantasy points in the same week. Tom Brady was able to do it last week, but it took a 500 yard passing day to do it. Here is what I do know, 80 yards and a touchdown is reasonable. What I don't know is which TE is going to do it. Prediction: I call heads.

That's going to wrap things up for this fake football post. Remember if you have fantasy questions, hit me up on or if you tweet, feel free to send any start/sit questions to @fantasydaddy. You can listen to the Fantasy Football show on XTRA Sports 1360 on Thursday nights at 7pm. If you miss the show you are able to download/listen to the fantasy football podcasts on XTRA Sports 1360 podcenter.