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Serious Business: 9/16 San Diego Chargers Links

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One player to watch - Bill Williamson
Vincent Jackson, receiver: Jackson didn’t do much against Minnesota last week. He had had two catches for 31 yards. San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers did miss Jackson for a sure touchdown, though. I don’t think Jackson’s slow start is a sign of anything. The Chargers have a lot of weapons, and sometimes not everyone will be involved. Expect him to get more action at New England.

Chat wrap: Key for Chargers at Pats - Bill Williamson
The Chargers' WRs vs. Patriots' DBs. If Chad Henne can throw for 416 what can the Chargers do? If the Chargers are going to win this game, Philip Rivers' WRs must take this game over.

‘Safety First!’ is the smart call for modern defenses - Doug Farrar
On July 27, the San Diego Chargers agreed to a five-year, $40 million contract with free safety Eric Weddle(notes). Weddle had been the Chargers' best defensive player over the last two seasons, but this was the biggest contract ever given to a veteran safety, and it was only beaten in sheer dollars by the five-year, $60 million rookie deal given to Eric Berry(notes) of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Turner, Chargers need to toughen up vs. Pats - Jason Cole
Turner isn’t factually incorrect, but the tone is all wrong. There is no urgency or angst. When Turner worked under Jimmy Johnson when the Dallas Cowboys had their loaded teams, Johnson was always applying the pressure to get the most out of people. Johnson was never satisfied. He never embraced good; he pushed for great.

Placekicker injuries common in NFL modern era - William Browning
The National Institutes of Health published a study in June 2010 regarding placekicker injuries. The study authors looked back on cases over the previous 20 years of NFL seasons. What they found was remarkable

Chargers being molded by Spikes - Kevin Acee
Rumor is that Spike’s neck is almost two feet around. It’s not so much a neck as a bridge between a back that could be put to sea and have planes landed on it and a close-shaved head that houses dark eyes that just might see inside people. It is likely that Spikes sleeps intensely.

Q&A: Mike Tolbert - Darren Feeney
Mike Tolbert talks about his relationship with Ryan Mathews, what goes through his mind after he crosses the goal line and why his teammates call him a vulture.

Chain reaction - Christopher Smith
As the Chargers focus on limiting one of the league’s best pass offenses, it wouldn’t hurt for Philip Rivers and the offense to control the clock.

W.W.B.D. to stop Chargers? - Kevin Acee
"They beat you with screens and checkdowns and crossing routes," Belichick said. "It’s really hard. Even when it’s third-and-20, you don’t feel good about San Diego. You think third-and-20, third-and-3, they can pick up anything. Not too many teams in the league you can say that about. Doesn’t matter if they need one yard or quarter of football field, it’s within their reach.