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Chargers Interview - Ryan Mathews 9/14

San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was on with Chris Ello of The World of Sports on XTRA Sports 1360 this week.  Here are a few of the quotes from the interview... y'know.

(Listen/Download Ryan Mathews interview here)

Assessing his performance in week one.

"I think I did good.  I just took everything I learned over the preseason and tried to add it in.  I just went back and watched film of the Vikings game, you know every game you can learn something new and I'm just going to keep putting it together and get ready for the Pats game."

Did the Vikings do a lot to take stuff away down the field?

"I think they were trying to take that deep threat away.  Me and Mike are good enough athletes to, you know, if we get the ball five yards within the line of scrimmage we can turn it into a 10 yard gain or 15 yard gain.  So what we have is a good deal." 

How huge of a difference is it now with you going into your second season?

"The game has slowed down a lot.  I'm a lot more comfortable and confident back there in the backfield.  Last year everything was just a whirlwind of new formations and new plays and coming in and being the first round pick, just a lot on your shoulders.  This year, a lot of this has eased off.  It's time to go play ball, and your ability take and you just go out there and play and have fun."

Ryan Mathews also answers questions about....

  • Pressure he put on himself in 2010.
  • Picking up blitzes in the NFL
  • The Patriots
For those wondering just how many times Mathews said "y'know" during the interview....
Ryan Mathews Tally
Times saying "y'know" 65



Don't worry, kid. You'll get that straightened out.


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