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High Boltage Radio Recap - 9/10

Gross/Getty Images
Gross/Getty Images
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For those of you that missed High Boltage Radio on XTRA Sports 1360 this past Saturday, the podcast is now up for your listening pleasure. This is not yesterday's news, it's even older, but still worth a listen.

(Listen/Download both hours here)

Our first two hour show went off without a hitch, some of the highlights and topics discussed during the show.

  • Good, Bad, and the Ugly of this Chargers off season
  • Interview with Eric Thompson of talking Vikings football
  • Our thoughts on Adrian Peterson's bold prediction
  • Weekly NFL pick'em selections (you can enter the pick'em contest here)
  • 2011 predictions, including division champs, wild card winners, and who will win the Super Bowl.
  • The media perception of Norv Turner
  • John turns on AJ. No, really! Rivers last week, AJ this week.
  • Fantasy Football
  • Keys to the game vs. the Vikings
  • Wild Wild West - what's going on around the rest of the division
  • Bold predictions for the San Diego Chargers in 2011
  • All of that and more packed into one show. Keep an eye out for an HBR podcast during the week. As always, your comments are welcome in the thread.