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Chargers DVR: Chargers vs Vikings

Spikes and Butler give Peterson a friendly hug.
Spikes and Butler give Peterson a friendly hug.

To start off a video review of the Chargers week 1 matchup with the Vikings, everyone should catch's official highlight package that nicely covers the... well... the highlights.  In the edited package, you'll see:

  • Percy Harvin's Kickoff Return TD (Nate Kaeding's injury moment can be seen, but it doesn't look that abnormal)
  • Shaun Phillips' Interception of Donovan McNabb
  • All Three Mike Tolbert Touchdowns
  • Adrian Peterson's big run where Eric Weddle whiffed on the shoelaces, and Bob Sanders made the tackle after getting up off the ground
  • The deep ball overthrow from Philip Rivers to Vincent Jackson
  • Rivers yelling something (1:37 mark in video) at Norv Turner after the failed 4th and 20.  Ok lip readers... what the heck is he saying?
  • A nifty screen pass to Ryan Mathews
  • Mike Scifres' first career field goal, a 40 yarder
  • Antwan Barnes scoring a sack, and thankfully not dancing
  • Philip Rivers icing the game by inducing some offsides

Read on for some more under the radar moments...

It's a shame that Luis Castillo's injury came on a meaningless dead ball false start play.  Apparently Weddle rolled up on him in the pile.

We have to give credit where it's due, and Jared Allen's interception of Philip Rivers was pretty impressive.

Check out the adorable bunny hop by Rivers at :04 and again at :16 in this clip. Rivers was that excited for a potential big play in the making that he couldn't contain himself!

On this play, two of our new veteran run stoppers, Takeo Spikes and Bob Sanders cut down Peterson together.

Here's a great run stuff late in the fourth quarter with the game on the line: this time it was Garay, Spikes, and Butler.

This was a puzzling fair catch by Bryan Walters with a huge pile of green in front of him.  He later told Scott and BR that they had the lead and non horrible field position so he played it safe.

 Just for the underdog fans, there's also a video of Bryan Walters' first NFL catch - note the smart white guy smartly getting to the sideline because he's smart. And white.