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OT: Monday Night Football (NE @ MIA, OAK @ DEN)

The Chargers are 1-0 and sit alone on top of the AFC West. That won't last for long, unless the Raiders and Broncos can fight their way to a tie game tonight. That matchup of two teams that the Bolts will have to face twice each starts at roughly 7:15pm Eastern.

Much more interesting in terms of immediacy would be the first game, which see the Patriots taking their talents to South Beach to take on Reggie Bush and the Miami Dolphins. Six days later, the Chargers will be in Foxboro to take on the 2010 AFC East Champions.

The Chargers will also face the Dophins in Week 4 and the Broncos in Week 5. So....let's scout these future opponents during the 6+ hours of hopefully-entertaining NFL football this evening. First one to find a weakness that Norv Turner and/or Greg Manusky can exploit wins a strong pat on the back.