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Open Thread: Vikings at Chargers, 2nd Half

Umm, so that happened. Norv Turner has brought the San Diego Chargers into the season as unprepared as he usually does, and it shows in the 10 point deficit they face at halftime against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Chargers looks like the Chargers. There's no better way to describe their first half.

The running game, outside of a big Ryan Mathews run, looks like the defense knows what's coming. Before being down 10 points, Philip Rivers and the passing offense looked stale (and lacking in Vincent Jackson). The defense seems to be having difficulty tackling Adrian Peterson. The special teams looks very 2010-ish.

The Bolts will play a better second half than first half, because they always do, but it might not be enough. Typically, in the beginning of the season, it isn't.

See you guys after the game.