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Bolts From The Blue Caption Contest: Clever Title Still In Progress

Welcome friends of Bolts From The Blue to our first ever Bolts From The Blue Caption Contest. After careful consideration, it was determined that between the sentient robot (Wonko) and the humorless bastard (John Gennaro) on staff all of the fun of following and discussing football is being lost. This weekly feature hopes to reengage our readership with that lost fun.

This week's picture was chosen to get things started because it is already inherently amusing. If you guys fail to come up with a hilarious caption it will clearly signal that you are all well beyond saving and personally I'd rather find that out now rather than a few weeks from now.

The rules are thus, your caption must find a way to be funny without being racist, homophobic or excessively profane. The contest will conclude tomorrow at 2PM and the winner will be announced. Said winner is to receive the incredibly valuable award of "High Praise." Have at you!