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San Diego Chargers on the Radio 8/4 - Corey Liuget

Chargers rookie DE Corey Liuget sat down with Josh and Charod on XTRA Sports 1360 to talk about his first day at camp, his contract situation, and being starstruck

Corey Liuget (listen to the interview here)

Do you feel that you are ready immediately to contribute?

"I still have a lot of learning to do.  I definitely can say, I can go out there and play, but this is definitely a learning step for me.  This is a different level, it's not quite college, but eventually I will be ready.  With the help of Jacques and the whole d-line and some of the guys on defense, and Coach Johnson and everybody just contributing to my success, I think I'll definitely be ready soon."

How nice is it that Jacques Cesaire is so willing and welcoming to bring you in?

"Him and the whole d-line, everyone has pretty much welcomed me in.  Jacques is taking more time out and little more effort to help me out and understand how to play this game for a very long time, as long as he did.  So, I definitely want to tip my hat to him and say thank you, and also thank you to the whole d-line, and everyone who's helping me."

Did you have a true moment of stepping on the field and realizing you're amongst some guys you've watch on TV on Sundays?

"Yes, I definitely have, realized, I'm looking like, dang, I was just watching this guy on TV.  It's definitely, kind of like a star struck thing to me, just seeing these guys, because these guys are idolized.  Eventually I wanted to get on their level, and now I'm here.  I'm on the next level and it's time to go!"