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Get Excited for Football!

Pre-season game #1 is right around the corner on Thursday.  I went rummaging around my youtube account to stave off the hunger for some new football.   I've thrown together a compilation of my favorites involving returning 2011 Chargers.  We'll lead it off with our latest prodigal son to return to the fold: Welcome back Malcom Floyd!

It takes literally half of the Chiefs defense to bring down Mike Tolbert

Here we have Ryan Mathews showing some real speed to the sideline on a TD run against the Broncos

Turning to the defensive side of the ball, we have Shaun Phillips single handedly destroying a trick play

Here's a sweet pick six by Eric Weddle against Peyton Manning and the Colts

Here's a nice run stuff by Antonio Garay

Of course, no 2010 video review would be complete without Antoino Garay sacking Peyton Manning by using one of his own offensive lineman as a missile (sorry I never cap'd this one so it's a blurry video-of-tv shot I found)