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Malcom Floyd to return to the Chargers

Well this certainly comes as a surprise, but Kevin Acee just announced that Malcom Floyd is coming back to the Chargers.  He and the Chargers have reached an agreement on the terms of a new two-year deal.

As recently as this morning, it seemed like Floyd was all but gone from the Chargers, and destined to end up on the Baltimore Ravens. But AJ Smith and the Chargers have managed to reach an agreement with Malcom, and much to the delight of fans all over San Diego, Malcom Floyd will be playing in a Chargers uniform through 2012. More than likely, AJ Smith offered Malcom a certain amount of money, and Malcom decided to test the free agency waters. After testing the waters, Floyd probably realized that AJ had actually offered him a fair deal since the market wasn't as hot on him as he had hoped, so he accepted AJ's offer.

Many fans around here were hoping Malcom - or as he's affectionately referred to around here: M80 - would return to the team. They were worried that the team wouldn't have a true #2 wide receiver, that Patrick Crayton wouldn't do nearly as well in the position as Floyd. Well, worry no more fans, your prayers have been answered.

AJ Smith released a statement on the signing:

We have a lot of happy Chargers today with the return of Malcom. He has been an integral part of our team and it's great to have him back. He is a very talented receiver and that will just add to the continuity of our offensive unit.

Malcom coming back to the team now brings the count up to 14 Wide Receivers on the Chargers roster currently. They are likely to carry five receivers during the regular season.

Update: The numbers are out and Malcom is getting $5 million over two years from the Chargers. At those figures, We can assume that Vincent Jackson is getting roughly $10 million more than Floyd this season. Not only did the Chargers retain their #2 WR, but they got him for about what they are paying their #3 WR (Crayton). Wow.