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Serious Business: 8/5 San Diego Chargers Links

How a Chargers Stadium and a Convention Center Mix - Liam Dillon
The site of a proposed Chargers stadium development is just blocks from the Convention Center, which officials are hoping to expand. Now, there's talk of melding the two plans.

Chargers rookie QB Scott Tolzien gets a jump on veterans after NFL lockout ends - Washington Post
When the 4½-month stalemate pushed back training camp for certain free agents, among them Chargers backup quarterback Billy Volek, coach Norv Turner had to groom another quarterback. Tolzien, 23, has reaped the windfall: Seven days of intense practices amid several Chargers starters and second-stringers.

Malcom Floyd makes a lot of sense for Baltimore - Aaron Wilson
The interest appears to be mutual, and Floyd makes a lot of sense for Baltimore because of his ability to provide a big red-zone and stretch the field. He's also eight years younger than veteran wide receiver Derrick Mason.

Laurent Robinson Signs With San Diego Chargers - Andy Hutchins
The San Diego Chargers appear to be on the verge of losing Malcolm Floyd to the wild 2011 NFL free agency period. The high-flying Chargers offense may suffer as a result, but Philip Rivers got another target with a chance to be productive with the signing of Laurent Robinson to a one-year, $685,000 deal.

Meet The Bolts: Eric Weddle - Annie Heilbrunn
The free safety talks to Annie about his new contract, his bromance with Bob Sanders and something Silver. Oh, and what's up with the towel on his head?!