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High Boltage Podcast - 8.30.11

In an effort to squeeze in a podcast between games, John and I jumped into the palatial studios at XTRA Sports 1360 tonight. The news about David Binn could not be ignored! With the last preseason game on Thursday, we knew that a mere one hour on Saturday was not going to suffice. With that said, we strapped on our headphones, put our heads down, and charged ahead.

High Boltage Podcast - 8.30.11 - Click to listen/download

Hot Topics:

Game vs the Cardinals - Good and the Bad

Bryan "freaking" Walters - John think he makes the team, I'm still not sold.

Ryan Mathews - John is getting excited, I still can't believe he was caught from behind.

Philip Rivers - getting it in gear earlier

Vincent Jackson - looking awesome

David Binn no longer a Charger - Thanks for the memories

Make sure you tune in this Saturday at 11am for High Boltage Radio on XTRA Sports 1360. This will be our last one hour show, starting September 10th, we are stepping up to TWO hours! Woo hoo! Party time!