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Chargers Night Practice at Qualcomm Stadium

Tonight is the first of (I believe) two annual practices that the Chargers have at Qualcomm Stadium. The second one will be FanFest on Saturday, with lots of stuff for people with small children to enjoy and a hot sun for the rest of us to bake in.

I, along with most of the BFTB staff (past and present), will be present at the practice and probably taking over an abandoned section of seating that has a good view of the field. I'll be tweeting my thoughts and our location here (follow, if you don't already).

I would be a lot more pumped about this practice if we could see Takeo Spikes, Travis LaBoy, Vincent Jackson, Bob Sanders, Eric Weddle or the rest of the players on the field that are not permitted to practice with the team until tomorrow. That being said, I always pick up something from every Chargers practice I attend and this time will be keeping a close eye on Marcus Gilchrist as he matches up against the team's top WRs. I highly recommend attending tonight (when parking/viewing is a little easier than at Chargers Park) if you've never been to a Chargers practice before.

Practice is from 7:30pm-9:25pm (disregard any earlier e-mails or tweets from me saying that it started at 6:30pm). Seating is open, as is parking I believe, so there's no reason to be anything but patient and kind.

I hope to see as many of you guys (and girls) there as possible. If you spot me (short guy, bald head, hipster that a good enough description?) or find me from my directions on Twitter, please come by and say hello.