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Win Free Tickets to San Diego Chargers Games!

I get questions about tickets for San Diego Chargers games all the time. Where's the best place to buy? How many are left? What are they going for? Now, with SB Nation partnering up with TiqIQ, all of these questions are easily answered without you nice folk having to deal with grumpy ol' John Gennaro. 

Have you seen our lovely new Tickets page? There's a link to it at at the top of each page, below the banner ad and our slogan. All the way to the right. There it is! You found it! Good job. If you still haven't found it, click here!

This page is constantly updated with the best ticket prices, collected from around the web, and also provides some information as far as ticket availability and cost (always changing, obviously). I'll be using it myself when I decide to catch a game in person this year, and hope that you will too.

Now, the fun part. Click the link below to find out how you could win $200 in tickets!


This link right here! Click it! Win free tickets!