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Cardinals Q&A with Revenge of the Birds

How has Kevin Kolb looked in training camp and preseason thus far?

Kolb has looked like a quarterback that has not been with the team long. He looks better than any option from last year, though. He is developing very good chemistry with Larry Fitzgerald, who continues to amaze with the catches he makes. He is still struggling a little with the change in terminology, but there is enough that we have seen that indicates that he will be at least decent.


Click below to read the rest of the Q&A, including questions about the Cardinals rookies and Joey Porter.

Give me a quick rundown of rookies that might have an impact this season for the Cardinals.

The 2011 draft class for the Cardinals has been looking good overall. Patrick Peterson has not shown much yet. He is learning four positions in the defensive backfield (LCB, RCB, nickel/dime CB and some packages at safety) and is being brought along slowly, but the team needs him this year. He may also become the punt returner. That will make an impact.

Ryan Williams is out for the year, but third rounder Robert Housler has been impressive. As the team already has two very good tight ends in front of him, he will not start, but he has made some good catches and is adjusting well. With his length and speed, he will get a lot of looks spread out wide.

Fullback Anthony Sherman will be huge in special teams. He is everything that was advertised. He is a fiend in special teams and a fierce blocker.

Receiver DeMarco Sampson has been nothing short of amazing in camp, but he has a lot of players ahead of him. With the team using the tight ends a lot more, he may not have a huge impact on this year, but he looks like he will be very good.


Before signing with the Cardinals, Joey Porter made it obvious that he'd like to be a Charger. How would you rate the signing of Joey to a 3-year, $17.5 million contract last offseason?

As of now, the deal was bad. But he restructured his deal because he woudl have been cut. He played over 99 percent of the team's defensive snaps in 2010 and he wore down. He was, though, the teams best OLB. With the paycut and ideally less snaps, the deal will hopefully be solid.


What is the biggest weakness on both sides of the ball for Arizona?

Offensively, it is the offensive line, especially in pass blocking on the edge.

Defensively, it is hard to say. If they get pressure on the quarterback, they will be very good. If they don't, then the coverage will suffer. Even with the loss of DRC, the cornerbacks look overall much better than in years past. If Adrian Wilson's injury keeps him out any long period of time, then the safety position becomes a big issue. Since it comes down to the pass rush, I'll say that it is potentially the biggest weakness, but it could be all right, especially is O'Brien Schofield can become a disrupting force for opposing teams.


What is the biggest strength on both sides of the ball for Arizona?

On offense, Larry Fitzgerald is the greatest strength, with Todd Heap as a secondary strength. At individual positions, the tight end is probably the strongest. Heap and Jeff King are very good veterans in their role and the team has the rookie in Housler with hands, length and speed.

Defensively, the defensive line stands out, but only the starters. Darnell Dockett, Calais Campbell and Dan Williams are very good. The rest is potentially very good. With Daryl Washington and Stew Bradley on the inside, there will be plays made. The defensive secondary has potential and star power (Kerry Rhode, Adrian Wilson). The corners are young, fast and physical.