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Who's the Real "Dream Team": The WRs

In case you weren't around last week, I got fed up with the major media outlets referring to the Philadelphia Eagles as "The Dream Team" of the NFL simply because they signed some free agents. With hopes of embarrassing them, I've been matching every position on the Eagles roster with the Chargers roster. Today, the WRs...

Rec Yds Yds/Rec TDs
DeSean Jackson 47 1,056 22.5 6
Jeremy Maclin 70 964 13.8 10
Steve Smith 48 529 11.0 3

All of these numbers are from 2010. Here I was thinking I'd have to do some complicated math for Smith to try and figure out what he might do in 2011, considering that he'll play a half-season at best. As it turns out, he only played a half season last year.

Rec Yds Yds/Rec TDs
Vincent Jackson (2009) 68 1,167 17.2 9
Malcom Floyd (2009) 45 776 17.2 1
Patrick Crayton (2010) 28 514 18.4 1

I used the '09 numbers for Jackson and Floyd because those are the roles they will be reprising this season: Jackson as the WR1 for an entire season and Floyd moving back to WR2.

Winner - Eagles. I think Crayton and Smith are a wash. I also think it's not a stretch to say VJax is a little better than either DeSean or Maclin (although the Jacksons' numbers from 2009 are nearly identical). The pain in this comparison comes in the matchup between Floyd and either DeSean or Maclin. You could say Gates is the #1 WR for the Chargers and that's why Floyd's numbers aren't as good as the guys he's competing against but, that's why the battle for the better TE on paper was such an easy win for San Diego.


Running Tally:

The QBs - Draw
The RBs - Eagles
The TEs - Chargers
The WRs - Eagles