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San Diego Chargers Interviews - Eric Weddle 8/23

San Diego Chargers free safety talked with Chris Ello and Ben Higgins on "The World of Sports"

Listen/Download the entire interview here

On Weddle's interception in Dallas

It's always awesome to make a play, especially an interception and give the ball back to the offense.  That's the plan, not only for myself, but for this defense.  Create turnovers and be the best in the league. 

That's our focus day in and day out.  Today is now, get the most out of today, don't worry about the past or the future.  Let's just get the most out of today.

On being called the highest paid safety in the NFL

It's exciting to be here for the next five years and hopefully longer.  Keep my level of play up and continue to have a great team, but honestly it's been great.  Knowing I'm going to be here, the guys around me.  I'm confident, I'm excited to be here, I'm excited to play ball, and football is here.  It doesn't get any better than this.

I'm just here to play my game, to get better and continue to be the guy my teammates expect me to be.  A leader, a great player, and a guy that makes plays.

On the Chargers run defense

When you had two or three runs over 10 plus yards, obviously we didn't do what we were coached up to do and supposed to do.  The encouraging part is two out of the three we missed the tackle in the backfield and missed a tackle in the hole. 

It's not acceptable in our room and as a defense as a whole.  Coach Manusky ripped us for it and that shouldn't happen.


If you missed the High Boltage Show on XTRA Sports 1360 last Saturday, you can listen to the show here.  Make sure you tune in this Saturday morning at 11am as John and I talk Chargers football and preview the upcoming game in Arizona.