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San Diego Chargers to Wear Powder Blue Jerseys on 11/27, 12/18

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Once again, the San Diego Chargers have announced that they will wear their powder-blue alternate jerseys for two games this season and once again my feathers are ruffled by the announcement.

Chargers will wear powder blues 11/27 vs. Denver and 12/18 vs. Baltimore.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

That's Weeks 12 and 15 of the NFL schedule, for those counting at home. Late in the season, in games that are less than a month apart? That's about as close to burying the powder-blues as the team could seemingly get without causing a riot.

I know the ownership wants their own stamp on the team, and that's a big reason for the navy blue jerseys. My complaint is mostly about the lack of focus. The team is navy blue, but the coaching staff wears powder blue shirts and hats. Corey Liuget is drafted and given a powder blue hat to wear while holding a navy blue jersey. When the team updated their uniforms, they switched back to the white helmets and even updated the alternate jersey so that they're not technically "throwbacks" anymore".

It all feels like the fans are being toyed with. Everyone loves the powder blue, including the fans, players and coaches, and see it as a definitive look for the team. The ownership knows this enough to sell powder blue gear, splatter it all over their sidelines, and even update the powder-blues when they updated their main uniforms.

Here's a list of teams that wear navy blue:

Here's the list of teams that wear something at least close to powder blue:
I'm glad the ownership is so happy to "fit in" with the rest of the NFL instead of being different. All of the "Bring Back the Brown" devotees should start a "Bring Back the (Powder) Blue" campaign this season. Heck, it'd be an easier battle with the Chargers' powder-blues consistently being rated as one of (if not the) best uniforms in the history of organized sport.

I, for one, am sick of seeing these gorgeous colors that are rich in Chargers tradition get relegated to just two games per season. I think most San Diego fans agree with me, and we've seen how the players react when they get to wear them. Why isn't the ownership listening? Maybe it's because we're not screaming loud enough for them to hear us.