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Serious Business: 8/23 San Diego Chargers Links

Chargers won't move if new stadium isn't in works - Josh Katzowitz
Chargers special council Mark Fabiani said the team would not consider a move to a temporary spot in a new city if that city also wasn’t in the process of building a permanent new stadium. He’s not sure Farmers Field qualifies.

Fantasy Football Offensive Evaluation: San Diego Chargers - Humbled Fan
There should be a saying that goes something like "It's not November yet if the Chargers are still losing!"

Red-zone fumble one of few blemishes - Kevin Acee
The Chargers arguably cost themselves four victories in 2010 with crucial turnovers near both goal lines. They have spent a lot of time on ball security and Norv Turner told them after the game they'd continue to stress it.

Weddle, Sanders making impact - Jay Jay Maniquis
San Diego’s starting safeties initiated a three-turnover performance by the defense and helped limit some running plays that leaked into the secondary.

One way or the other, Vincent Jackson will get paid, too - Mike Florio
If the Chargers use the franchise tag again, Jackson will make at least $13.7 million in 2012, giving him a two-year take of more than $25 million. If the Chargers don’t use the tag next year, Jackson will hit the open market on the heels of the Fitzgerald deal.

If the Chargers wind up staying, the whole team should be on the field - Logan Jenkins
"I don’t think this can strictly be a San Diego thing," the mayor told U-T reporter Matt Hall. "I think it’ll partly be a county plan,"