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High Boltage Radio Recap 8/20

If you missed High Boltage Radio this week, John was back from Vegas and we had our first taste of hosting a show the day before a game.  We sound a bit like kids in a candy store, but we tried to keep our cool and remain the consummate professionals that we are. 

You can listen to High Boltage Radio show on XTRA Sports 1360 here

We had our first interview no show as we whiffed on Jacob Hester.  The Chargers called us during the show and said that Jacob was busy with practice. 

"We talkin' about practice.  Not a game, we talkin' about practice man." - Allen Iverson

Topics during the show:

John's take on having Stephen Cooper back on the Chargers.

The entire two hour scrimmage vs. the Cowboys, which is posted here.

Players that we are looking forward to watching Sunday.

Darryl Gamble and Bryan Walters

Larry English

Who should the Chargers feature back be?

Position Battles

In breaking news John criticizes Philip Rivers!  Don't believe me?  You will have to listen to the show to hear it with your own ears. 

Next show is Saturday before the Chargers take on Arizona.  Please leave your thoughts on the show in the comments, including topics we should to discuss this Saturday at 11am on XTRA Sports 1360.