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5 Bad Things: Chargers at Cowboys

If you missed 5 Good Things about last night's game, you can find them here. On to the hard-to-find bad things.

  • Wes Welker!: Everyone's beloved Wes Welker-clone, Bryan Walters, didn't live up to the hype of week 1 when up against the Cowboys. He returned 3 punts, none of them for touchdowns, and averaged 9 yards per return. Ho hum.
  • Lawrence Taylor!: Darryl Gamble's week 2 went much the same as Bryan Walters'. He had 1 tackle, despite getting a good amount of snaps over the course of the game, and missed at least 1 tackle as well. At the rate he's going, he'll finish Saturday's game against the Cardinals with -4 tackles and -1.0 sacks.
  • Pass Rush, or lack there of: Am I crazy, or did I see last night that  Shaun Phillips didn't play in this game? Since when is he injured? His presence was obviously missed, as any pressure on the QB came from the defensive linemen. OLBs as a whole were pretty terrible, and that can't all be blamed on Gamble.
  • Please don't kill me, Mr. Spikes: This should probably wait until I get a chance to watch the game a second time, and it was against Jason Witten, but did anyone else notice Takeo Spikes having a tough time covering TEs? If he's the main guy picked on for that responsibility, which would make sense considering Eric Weddle and Bob Sanders are woefully undersized for the job, that could be the first revealed weakness of the 2011 Chargers.
  • Malcom Floyd's Noggin': Even though the hit didn't look too bad, a concussion is a concussion and the Chargers should be very careful with Malcom for the next few weeks. There's no need to rush him back and put him at risk for more brain injuries.