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5 Good Things: Chargers at Cowboys

Full disclosure: I was not the best Chargers fan yesterday. After waking up at 7am to watch EPL Soccer in a bar, and then going to the Padres game afterward (there was drinking there too), I was running on empty. I watched most of the first half of the game in another downtown watering hole, which made it somewhat hard to follow. By time I got in front of my own TV, the lack of excitement from second and third stringers being in the game put me right to sleep. So I missed most of the second half as well.

The good news is two-fold. One, I have articles and box scores to sum the game up for me. Two, I recorded the game and will watch it tonight. Until then, let's get into 5 Good Things...

  • El Capitan: Philip Rivers is awesome, and whenever you lower the level of competition against him (even by a smidge) he switches from awesome to perfect. Rivers had another flawless first quarter of football, allowing Norv to sit down his starting QB and feel comfortable heading into the season.
  • The Running Game: I keep telling people to stop worrying about Ryan Mathews. Does he look out of shape to you? Norv was obviously testing him and rookie Jordan Todman a bit, and both passed with flying colors. Both young RBs finished with at least 5 yards per carry and each had at least one 15+ yard run.
  • Vincent Jackson: Ol' VJax is a pretty good WR. I'm ready to finally say that he changes the offense as much as Antonio Gates does when he's out there. Again he had a long catch (29 yards), and finished the game as the team leader in catches and receiving yards.
  • Eric Weddle's Secret Weapon (hands!): Anyone else notice Weddle taking a few more play-making risks last night? Methinks Eric really, really likes playing next to Bob Sanders and/or Steve Gregory. He led the team in tackles last night (same old Weddle) and had a beautiful interception of Tony Romo.
  • Health: I know, I know. Malcom Floyd got a concussion. It's the preseason and the team needs to find out what they have at WR anyway. They can take their time with him coming back from that, and he should be fine. Everyone else though? Bob Sanders, Larry English, Philip Rivers....they all took or handed out some pretty big hits without limping off the field. That makes for a successful preseason game.