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San Diego Chargers on the Radio: 8/1

Okay, here's the first installment of a new "San Diego Chargers on the Radio" feature that Steve Adler hopefully will be doing from time to time on BFTB. Basically, he'll be linking to interviews that have recently been done with Chargers players on the radio and giving you a few highlights if you don't want to listen to the whole file.

Takeo Spikes (listen to the interview here)

on his personality in the locker room:
"I'm real, I call it like it is."

on taking care of his body to extend his career:
"The window of opportunity is so short, I'm trying to seize the moment"

on Coach Manusky:
"He's a damn good defensive coordinator."
"What separates him is that he can be a great teacher."

 Bob Sanders (listen to the interview here)

on why he chose to sign with the Chargers:
"I was looking for a team that really wanted me and really understood my situation, and understood what I brought to the table."

if he plans to change his hard-hitting style:
"You really got to play smarter. The older you get you need to play smarter. Get there faster, put yourself in better position"

on the similarities between Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers:
"Go about their business the same exact way. I think they are both students of the game. I think they are both passionate about it."