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Who's the Real "Dream Team": The TEs

Antonio Gates vs. Brent Celek

This seems silly to do, but I'll do it. Despite playing 6 fewer games than Celek last season, Gates finished with greater than 250 more receiving yards than Celek and 6 more receiving TDs.

In 2009, Celek had a Gates–like season and finished with 76 catches for 971 yards and 8 TDs. However, sensing that there was another competitor in the ring, Gates had maybe his finest year to date (while playing through injury, no less). He caught 79 passes that season for 1,157 yards and 8 TDs. Sorry, Brent Celek, this would've been a tough fight for anybody.

Winner: ChargersThat's what happens when you have the best TE in the league.

Running Tally:

QB: Draw
RB: Eagles
TE: Chargers

I'm going to keep doing these once per day until I've gotten through all of the positions, but I'm sure the comparison will be brought up during High Boltage Radio tomorrow morning on XTRA Sports 1360AM as well. Make sure to listen in from 11am-12pm. Our guest will be Jacob Hester.