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John Gennaro Talks Chargers with "3 Guys in a Garage"

Co-Host of High Boltage Radio, John Gennaro crossed over into enemy lines to join "Three Guys in a Garage", a sports talk show in Kansas City.  They grilled John for all the Bolts info they could during the segment. 

John Gennaro joins "3 Guys in a Garage" (Click to listen)

Topics discussed during the longest segment ever:

  • How the Chargers feel about flying under the radar?
  • Has there been an emphasis to getting off to a better start this season?
  • Is the AFC West a two horse race between San Diego and Kansas City?
  • Breaking down schedules and how things may play out for both teams
  • How is training camp compared to years past?
  • Is Norv Turner on the hot seat?
  • How will the Chargers handle the loss of Darren Sproles?
  • What kind of year do you think Ryan Mathews will have?
  • Addressing the Chargers poor special teams in 2010
  • Brandon Siler and why the Chargers let him go
  • What will the loss of Ron Rivera mean to the Chargers defense?
  • Join John and I this Saturday on High Boltage Radio starting at 11am on XTRA Sports 1360.  We will talk Chargers, take your phone calls and Jacob Hester will be joining the show.