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Training Camp Interview with Larry English

Going into the 2011 San Diego Chargers season, it could be argued that no one will be under the microscope more than former first round pick Larry English. For the first time in his career English will have a starting position.  No longer sitting and watching Phillips and Merriman, this is his time to shine. 

English started only two of the eight games he appeared in last season, but he did give Chargers fans a reason to be excited. November 22nd vs. the visiting Broncos English earned his full full sack of the season.  Three weeks later vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, English was able to tally a sack and a half.  

With a clear path to the starting role, this is the time for the Northern Illinois Alum to step up and make a name for himself.  I asked Larry about his prep during the off season, expectations, and how many sacks we can expect from him this season. 

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Click here to hear the: Larry English Training Camp Interview