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Fun with the SD Chargers Game Release: Preseason at Cowboys

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Every week, the San Diego Chargers put out what's called a "Game Release". Actually, every NFL team does it. It's filled with fun facts, history, storylines (ever wonder where the announcers get those random stories from?), relationships between the teams/players/coaches and then a collection of the team's up-to-date depth chart and stats kept by the coaching staff.

Usually, this leads to a fun internal discussion amongst the BFTB staff. This year, I'm going to try and turn it into a fun weekly post. Without further ado.....

  • Jacques Cesaire is still listed as the starting RDE over rookie Corey Liuget. It'll be fun to see how long that lasts.
  • To calm many upset Chargers fans, let me be clear about this one: Donald Butler is the starter, even according to the team's official depth chart. Stephen Cooper is Takeo Spikes' backup.
  • Larry English is listed ahead of newly-minted fan-favorite Darryl Gamble on the depth chart. With Shaun Phillips, Travis LaBoy, Antwan Barnes and English ahead of him, Gamble is going to need to show himself to be very valuable on Special Teams if he has a shot to make the team. Even then it will be tough because there are probably 5 ILBs making the team. I suppose another plan would be for him to simply wait for English to get hurt.
  • I find it very interesting that Richard Goodman, who missed the Seahawks game with an injury, is listed as the #1 Kick Returner on the team. Patrick Crayton and Marcus Gilchrist are both listed as the starting Punt Returner.
  • It seems the transition is complete and Mike Tolbert is no longer a Fullback, at least not according to the depth chart.
  • The best name in the pronunciation guide? Ogemdi (oh-GEM-dee) hard ‘G’ in gem; Nwagubo (new-WAH-bow). Now you know how to say it.
  • A lot gets made of A.J. Smith not going after free agents and building through the draft. The current roster has 58 free agents, 3 players acquired through trade and 28 players drafted by the Chargers.