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High Boltage Radio Thread 8/13

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HBR goes live today at 11am.  For those of you awake you can listen live...

  • Online at XTRA Sports 1360
  • Locally with your AM radio on 1360 AM
  • With the iheart radio app for your smart phone

While John is rubbing elbows with the big boys in Vegas, I will be slaving over a hot microphone talking Chargers football from 11am-noon. Topics will include

  • Highlights from the game vs. Seahawks
  • Stephen Cooper signing
  • Position Battles
  • The ground game
  • Random thoughts

I will also have a segment devoted to Fantasy Football draft prep.  You are encouraged to jump in and give your thoughts on the team.  You can call in 570-1360 any local area code works, leave your comment on the thread, or hit me up on twitter at @SDHighBoltage

In case you miss the show you will be able to catch the podcast here