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More Football To Meet Your Fantasies

It's obvious many of you love fantasy football judging by how fast these leagues are filling up. I've already committed to competing in two leagues with members here at Bolts From The Blue and I'm ready to commit to a third. In the first two leagues I tried to set the draft times so that they didn't interfere with each other, so that they were deep in the preseason, so they didn't occur during a Chargers game, so that they weren't too late for east coasters, too extremely early for west coasters and so that they were on a weekend and so that they weren't during Labor Day Weekend. Well, I'm going to sacrifice the last parameter and schedule this next one for the midday Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. If you can't make the draft, I suggest that you don't join.

League ID: 482318

League Password: mathews24

League Link:

Draft Date: Sat Sep 3 2:30pm PDT

Some other notes for anyone who has already joined a league or will join this one: please post in the message boards your SBN user name. People want to know who they are playing. It makes the league more fun to know a little bit about your opponent even if it's just a few well placed comments on the blog.

Thanks everyone for joining and I hope you have fun.