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Open Thread: Seahawks at Chargers

Two clarifications of my "What to look for" post earlier today.

  1. I know Tyronne Green probably makes this team. Heck, he's the first backup behind oft-injured Louis Vasquez at RG. However, the Chargers usually keep eight offensive linemen. Right now, after the five starters, they have Green, Scott Mruczkowski (C/G with a new deal), Brandyn Dombrowski (G/T that they really like and trust) and Steve Schilling (G/T that everyone at Chargers Park seems high on). Schilling is the likeliest to not make the 53-man roster, and the team will probably try and sneak him onto the practice squad if everyone in front of him stays healthy, but nobody's job from that group is 100% guaranteed at this point.
  2. I should've added "Kick Returns". Marcus Gilchrist will probably be the guy taking those to start this game, and he'll be fighting to be the #1 guy in the season as well. Jordan Todman will probably get a chance as well. Should be fun.

On to the game! Real football! Go Chargers, stay healthy. See you guys in the comments.