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Have You Joined BFTB Fantasy Football Yet?

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With real football just around the corner, that means fantasy football is ready to get started and it's the season for coming up with ridiculous team names and reading magazines with tips on who/how to draft a team that'll help you to dominate.

Currently, the BFTB staff league has filled 7 of the 16 available slots. I'll be bugging past and present staff to join (except Sam, who is not allowed in) for another few days before opening it up to the general public. If any of you slags want to get in and don't want to wait for me to contact you, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you the password.

Now, for the rest of you. You filled one league very quickly, so we're opening up a second. Fill this one quickly and we might even open a third. However, Wonko will be moderating/participating in all of these, so please only join if you plan on taking it seriously. Heaven forbid he wins every a handful of BFTB fantasy football leagues, I'd never be able to win a football argument with him ever again (Note: "Again" may be an inaccurate word in that sentence).

Here is the link to the new, freshly-opened BFTB fantasy football league (League ID# 453449, Password is "jammer23"). Join quick, because it might be your last chance to get in for this season.


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